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The Mammoth Mahabharata Book Set - 7 Free Bonuses Included

The Mammoth Mahabharata Book Set - 7 Free Bonuses Included

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Product Description

52 Delightful Mahabharata books for Your Enjoyment

This book set contains:

- 6 books in the Mahabharata Essentials Omnibus: A perfect set of books to give you an introduction to the great epic poem. A collection of stories, a few character cheat sheets, a full guide to the Mahabharata war - and much more! 600+ Pages.

- 14 books in the Mahabharata Character Guides Omnibus: A full collection of character guides from Vyasa's story. Krishna, Arjuna, Draupadi, Karna, Duryodhana - and everyone else! 1400+ Pages.

- 32 books in the Mahabharata Reader Omnibus: Read the Mahabharata from start to finish. Easy to digest chapters. Contains more than 1500 original Sanskrit verses with meaning and context explained. 3200+ Pages.

Total number of Books: 52

Total number of pages: 5200+

7 Free Bonuses (₹1595 Value)

When you purchase the Mammoth Mahabharata Book Set, for a limited time only, you will receive the following seven free bonuses.

- Bonus 1: Set of 3 Printable Posters. Get three beautiful life-sized printable posters of Krishna, Shiva and Ganesha in six different colour combinations each. Perfect for printing on any surface, to any size! Add breathtaking beauty to your walls. Value: ₹499.

- Bonus 2: The Mahabharata Primer - A Summary in 60 Episodes. Get the summary of the entire Mahabharata, logically laid out in 60 episodes. 450 Pages. A full-length book in its own right. Value: ₹249.


- Bonus 3: The Song of Vrindavan - A Hastinapur Novel. Read the enchanting story of Krishna's childhood in Vrindavan, and how he grew up to become the prince of Dwaraka. 400 Pages. A tale that will charm any Mahabharata lover. Value: ₹249.

- Bonus 4: How to Survive in Hastinapur - A Practical Person's Guide. Learn everything there is to know about life in the mystical city of Hastinapur. 100 PagesValue: ₹99.

- Bonus 5: Dear Sakhi - The Lost Journals of the Ladies of Hastinapur. Get a peek into the lost journals of Ganga, Satyavati, Draupadi and other women of the Mahabharata. 100 PagesValue: ₹99.

- Bonus 6: 100 Parvas - A Structural Guide to the Mahabharata. An excellent companion to The Mahabharata Primer. Here you will get an extended summary of each of the 100 Parvas that make up the Mahabharata. 600 PagesValue: ₹300.

Bonus 7: Echoes from Vrindavan - A Short Story Collection. A set of 5 delightful stories featuring Krishna his final moments. 100 Pages. Value: ₹100.

Become a Mahabharata Scholar

Become a Mahabharata scholar in 15 minutes a day with these books. Get the stories, the context, the commentary - everything.

These books will give you a complete cultural education. The kind of valuable life education that you do not get in schools or universities.   

Rediscover your roots. Fall in love all over again with the idea of India.

Try for 30 days, no risk. Merely examine these 52 books for up to 30 days. If you don't think they're the most valuable Mahabharata resource you've ever discovered, just let me know and I will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

No man can read the Mahabharata without discovering in himself a deeper truth, a deeper purpose. A thread that connects him to the eternal.

A realization that he and the universe are one.

The terror and anxiety of a man who is undecided, unknowing, uncomprehending – these do not touch the reader of the Mahabharata.

No reader of the Mahabharata is left adrift in the perilous ocean of life. Instead he becomes content, confident, calm.

He becomes a source of deep strength and support for his family and friends. 

Thousands of readers have already tried these books – and they love them.

Now it's your turn.

Remember that your purchase is fully reversible for 30 days. Take 30 days to decide if you like these books. If, for any reason, you think these books don't measure up, just claim your 100% refund.

If you don't like my work, I don't want your money. Period.

Vyasa's immortal epic comes alive for you and your family. Listen:

- To the pain and anguish of Draupadi

- To the calm inner voice of Yudhishthir

- To the twang of the Gandiva as it rains arrows across Kurukshetra

- To the mellow notes that flow out of Krishna's flute

- To the lamentations of Karna

- To the thudding of the mace on Abhimanyu's head on the thirteenth day

And much more.

'Everything in the world is contained within the Mahabharata,' Vyasa declares. 'What isn't here, isn't anywhere!'

This is the cleanest form of entertainment, the purest form of wisdom, and the deepest form of education.

Come. Discover the universe within you.

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