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The Song of Vrindavan (Hastinapur, #4)

The Song of Vrindavan (Hastinapur, #4)

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'In the house of Nanda and Yashoda, Vrindavan reared a boy that would first grow into a man, then a warrior, a statesman, a lover, a sage – and finally, a god.'

There are armed soldiers at Nanda's door. They have come from the palace of Kamsa, Mathura's High King, on orders to kill every newborn babe in the city. Krishna and Balarama are at their mothers' breasts, and tending to their needs is a thirteen-year-old cowherd girl.

Her name is Radha. And it is she who must protect the two princes from the tyrant's men.

More dangers lurk everywhere she looks. Mandira, the pregnant wife of Shaunaka the seafaring merchant, comes to Yashoda's hut bearing warm smiles and venom-filled breasts. The life-giving Yamuna is infested by snakes and is blackened by their poison. Soldiers from Mathura cross the river and erect military outposts at the foothills of Mount Govardhana.

Radha must safely guide the younger son of Nanda through this tortuous maze. And remember all the while to refrain from falling in love with him.

Written in the same lyrical style of the other Hastinapur books, The Song of Vrindavan tells the true story of the first sixteen years of Krishna's life, and the role that a certain village belle played in making him the man he would eventually become.

Sharath Komarraju beautifully breathes life once again into the silences that permeate the epic we all know so well. If you're a mythology or fantasy fan, this is a must-read.

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