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The King of Mathura (Hastinapur, #5)

The King of Mathura (Hastinapur, #5)

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I sit here atop the ruined, ravaged land that was once North Country, where it was said flowers bloomed even in deserts, a land that was fated to witness a bloody war that brought about an end to the age of kings...

Krishna and Balarama arrive in Mathura in time for the midwinter fair. They are hosted in the city by Sauptika, head of the secret movement that seeks to overthrow Kamsa. The plan is for the brothers to sneak into the palace courtyard on the day of the fair, win their battles against the king's prizefighters, and kill the king when he invites them onto the stage to honour them.

But Krishna plays spoilsport, and betrays them at the last second.

Now Sauptika must pick up the pieces and lead Balarama to his destiny, while at the same time ensuring that he comes to no harm. But her biggest challenge may lie in convincing Balarama that his biggest foe is none other than his brother.

This latest addition to the Hastinapur series follows Krishna and Balarama into Mathura, and tells the fascinating story of how they end the rule of Kamsa.

Sharath Komarraju beautifully breathes life once again into the silences that permeate the epic we know so well. If you're a mythology or fantasy fan, this is a must-read.

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