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Abhimanyu: Your Complete Guide to the Mahabharata Hero

Abhimanyu: Your Complete Guide to the Mahabharata Hero

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Product Description

Abhimanyu is one of four sons of Arjuna, the third Pandava in the Mahabharata.

His mother is Subhadra who – as the sister of Balarama and Krishna – is the princess of Dwaraka, the impregnable fortress city built on the shores of the Western sea.

Abhimanyu plays a largely invisible part in the Mahabharata until the thirteenth day of the war, during which he takes on the might of the Kaurava army on his own. He penetrates a complex military formation called the Chakra Vyuha: the ‘wheel strategy’.

However, his reinforcements – comprised of Bhima, Satyaki and Dhrishtadyumna among others – fail to follow him into the array. He gets trapped inside it, and because does not know the art of exiting the Chakra Vyuha, is killed.

Abhimanyu is only a boy of sixteen when he dies. His death becomes the most significant turning point in the war. More than anything, it hardens the heart of Arjuna, who had been fighting listlessly all this while.

When he learns of his son’s death, Arjuna vows to shed all his inhibitions – and not surprisingly, the fourteenth day becomes a bloodbath.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about Abhimanyu.

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