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The Birth of Dwaraka - Book One: Flight (Hastinapur, #6)

The Birth of Dwaraka - Book One: Flight (Hastinapur, #6)

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Product Description is the will of the Goddess that we see the shape of our paths only after we have walked them, as we turn and look over our shoulders. When we look ahead, we only see the thick mist of time, shrouding us from the future, not because it is yet to reveal itself, but because it is yet to form...

Damaghosha, the king of Chedi, has scuttled the warships of Mathura. He now holds dominion over the Yamuna. Queen Devaki has done much for the city in the absence of Krishna and Balarama, but now matters have come to a head.

Damaghosha is working under orders from Jarasandha. He has the throne of Mathura in his sights. He is ruthless, cunning, patient.

Stripped of all allies, overpowered by a strong enemy, two abject choices face Krishna: surrender and become a vassal state, or fight to the death in a hopeless war.

Or perhaps there is a third choice after all...

This sequel to The King of Mathura tells the tale of how the foundations were laid for the building of the mythical city of Dwaraka.

Sharath Komarraju beautifully breathes life once again into the silences that permeate the epic we know so well. If you're a mythology or fantasy fan, this is a must-read.

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